De Die In Diemn (From Day to Day)

of this i am certain –
time passes and we pass with it

the sun sinks slowly from the sky
you shut your eyes – refusing to witness it disappear
what you don’t acknowledge – never happened.

i stubbornly glare at the sun
willing it – to forever stay in the skies
but second after second
it slips further away
leaving nothing but sun spots in my eyes.

the sun is swallowed by the water
and as the darkness spreads
another day dies
and of this i am certain – we passed with it.

we were partners… of love, friendship and crime
charting our way through life
trying to find our bearings and plot our course
but as the tides fall back into the horizon
another day dies – and we passed with it.

your position will be that it was i who jumped ship
but i will always remember
how you sat there – eyes closed and motionless
turning a deaf ear to my cries –
letting the distance between us grow
until you fell behind the horizon,
until i was swallowed by waters.

time passes-
another day dies
and of this i am certain-
we passed with it.