Holding Ghosts

Holding Ghosts

electricity flashed
in those brown eyes,
your dark pupils rapidly grew,
inviting me to glimpse
at the depth of your soul.
A softness cascade
down the angles of your face,
while a crimson flush
crept up and across your cheeks,
and I swear –
your bottom lip trembled
– just a little.

or was I seeing ghosts?

My touch, however slight,
would enliven and animate
the surface of your skin,
your tiny strands of hair
would rise and dance
beneath these fingertips.
And with but a graze
of my glossy lips,
your heart would beat
swift and strong,
pumping molten warmth
through and into,
your entire body.
And I would swear –
Into my embrace
you would melt
– surrendering.

Or was I feeling ghosts?

When I see you now
the softness is gone
with the electricity
and invitation in your eyes.
even so, tonight I lay
and fondly holdfast,
memories of days long past;
weekends that took
a lifetime to arrive
but were over in a flash.
And when my eyes close –
it all comes rushing back.
the art on your body,
the scent of your skin.
I swear –
I can still remember
the weight of your body
the shape of your skin.

Or am I holding ghosts?

What I saw,
How you felt,
All that I recall –
Was it ever tangible.
Was any of it there at all.
Or am I holding ghosts?