Kept Woman

Kept Woman

He liked her best
meticulously type set
splayed out
across the page;
she was vulnerable
this way.
Blushing with inflection,
coquettish pitch,
seductively pouting
her lips with
innuendo and play.

She liked to
toe the line of
scarlet maiden,
cotton candy tease,
setting expectation
with cadence & rhyme
then unexpectedly
opening  w   i   d   e
with pause and

He loved her this way:
proofread and polished
spread out on display,
beckoning exploration
and the brazen gaze.

Knowing they wanted
her sighs for them
he leaned back
with his tell-tale grin–
the kind that creases
at the corners of
knowing eyes–
acutely correct
in his conviction…

she was
for him.

author: rashael crystal
Photo source: fabioselvatici