Little Girl, Patience.

Little Girl, Patience.

Sweet little girl with a wide-eyed smile,
innocence pinned to your sleeve.
You lived to the speed of the rising sun,
looked to the moon to hear your whispered prayers.
You danced with promises of faith,
light, love and fountains of youth.
Building playgrounds and castles
from your hopes and your dreams.

Oh how age does change us.
Oh how change does age us.

Now the night is your playground of rebellion.
Living fast, gambling with causes and effects.
Swallowing bottles of fire to burn out pain.
Swiftly combining bodies to fill empty souls.
Facing burdens, baggage and betrayal
you never saw in your dreams.
These are the shadows of daytime,
the darkness lurking in light.

With tightly pressed lips
you hold the anger on the tip of your tongue.
The resentment, clenched between your teeth.
With guarded eyes and a chipped shoulder,
suspicion pinned to your sleeve,
you grasp and claw at anything…everything…
that feels anything…
like stability…

Patience, little girl.
Peace will come.
Slow down, give it time.
Peace will come.


author: rashael crystal
photo source: Flo Morrissey