Oh Brother.

Oh Brother.

Elders at high
on their perch
would preach
“Man was not
designed to die.
If not for this
man would live—
free from blame.”

What a deservice
this has done me.
on what basis
could these men
make such a claim?!

Look at life,
of every form,
in the heavens
and on earth;
each is born,
runs its course, and

Nothing is exempt.
Not the trees,
the insects,
the docile,
the fierce,
the infinitely small,
or the giant beasts
of the deep blue sea.

How then
can these men
think, and so
fervently preach
that man can
escape the gaze
of fates.
To deny this end—
our greatest humility—
we deny
our very humanity.
And that
‘oh brothers’
is your greatest

Did Christ climb
upon his cross
to spare us
death’s claws
or to model
all the courage
needed for the fall?
Is immortality, truly,
the maker’s intent?
Or does this teaching
reveal man’s greater sin:
the absolute inability
to see a reality
in which all does not
revolve around him.

‘oh brothers’
let go of your tails
come out from your place
of delirium and denial
you call faith;
for you will need the courage
of the lamb—and the lion—
to look at death
in the face.

author: rashael crystal
photos: lion and lamb