Passing Shapes

you are not these clouds.
they are but distant shapes-
pulled and pushed apart by the wind.
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Little Girl, Patience.

Now the night is your playground of rebellion.
Living fast, gambling with causes and effects.
Swallowing bottles of fire to burn out pain.
Swiftly combining bodies to fill empty souls.
Facing burdens, baggage and betrayal
you never saw in your dreams.
These are the shadows of daytime,
the darkness lurking in light.
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Life Song

Ask me what I know…
And I’ll say – not a thing.
For every time I learn it’s song
Life will change it’s beat.
And wherever there’s an answer,
there’s a question that gets raised.
For every piece I find a place,
the puzzle shifts and changes shape.
And as soon as I recognize a face
features change and strangers take their place.
Ask me what it is I know…
And I’ll say – not a thing.
For every time I learn it’s song
Life will change it’s beat.
For I am not a singer…
It is Life who sings through me.

Becoming Human

The night I became human
I understood what it means
to be flesh and blood forsaken
and to live upon my knees.
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Know Me

shed my skin
peel my muscles
detach my organs
undo these tissues
Strip me from my bones.
Do you still know me?
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Holding Ghosts

electricity flashed
in those brown eyes,
your dark pupils rapidly grew,
inviting me to glimpse
at the depth of your soul.
A softness cascade
down the angles of your face,
while a crimson flush
crept up and across your cheeks,
and I swear –
your bottom lip trembled
– just a little.

or was I seeing ghosts?
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The deck’s been cut.
The cards are dealt.
All you have is your hand.
So play it smart,
play it right,
see his bet,
raise the stakes.
Keep your wits,
keep your cool,
don’t play on-tilt,
never give too much away.
This game has no limits,
and you’re all-in.
So play it hard,
play it smart.
All you have is your hand,
and tonight,
you gamble your heart away.

Lonely Hearts

The yearning becomes so strong sometimes…

We can scarcely breathe.
The desire so intense…
The heart suspends it’s beat.

We search for a soul…
To satiate our longing.
We seek intimacy that will
quench my thirst and satisfy your hunger.
A need for understanding,
Trust, companionship and above all else…
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Descention : Ascention

Among the heavens I danced,
on cloud nine and ten.
In the kingdom of your arms,
I was your queen.

With but a flick –
of your forked tongue,
I was hurled to earth.
A spirit crushed,
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Never At Rest

As the years pass by and i get
older – wiser- harder,
I realize life has no intermission;
we are never at rest.
Even when we sleep our cells are
changing – multiplying – dying.
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