Not the ephemeral way of our romance…
nor that love, once again, has escaped me.
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Now that you’ve decided
to separate and sever these ties,
begin the dividing
where we become things
and feelings go to die.
[…]Shove me back in your closet
or under your bed to collect dust.
A piece in your collection
of broken hearts & broken trust.
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his words remind me of life,
they inspire me to feel.
They show me hope
and in me, confide.
I pray the sparks they light
will grow to flames
and melt the ice within.
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Am I chasing time?
or is Time chasing me?
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It is a feeling most contradictory
to know there is a soul of your caliber
so far beyond my grasp.
To know that despite however I stretch or strain
I’ll never reach you.
I am comforted by this awareness.
And I am cursed by it.

I want to believe in a society
built on the foundations of truth
Where love and forgiveness are protecting walls
And faith and hope is the substance within
Where brotherly deeds welcome you inside.

But instead I find myself on a hollywood set
building facades of plastic and plaster
Hollow shells with emptiness inside
Chastisement is the currency
and denial of self – the key to enter
Where you are rewarded for playing a role
and for condemning your brothers.

I found myself in a society that I want to believe in
But that has never believed in me.

Tonight was like the last
filled with screams and insults.
Another battle in your war-
of wounded love and words.
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time passes-
another day dies
and of this i am certain-
we passed with it.
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I’ll admit-
I’ve begun to get entangled
within your strings
I’ve felt them pull upon my heart
Yet i wont allow myself to fall for you
you’re just another boy
another heartbreak in the making
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