Passing Shapes

Passing Shapes

Lay up on the hammock of earth – grounded –
swaying to and fro with the rotation of moments.
gaze upon the clouds of your thoughts,
hovering in the sky above.

Bouncy bubble gum & heart-shaped thoughts,
light wispy feathers and cotton candy clouds.

There are other thoughts sharing that sky.
Fire-breathing dragons. Coiled poisonous snakes.
Fat dark clouds of misfortune.

you are not these clouds.
they are but distant shapes-
pulled and pushed apart by the wind.

What about the fog?
Clouds so thick, wet and low –
they become indistinguishable from another.
Snakes conceal themselves as cotton candy,
Fire impersonates feathers.

You are not these thoughts.
They are but passing shapes –
dissolved instantly with sunshine and light.
Thus, smile.

author: rashael crystal
photo source:Clara Photography