He’s a cold front darling,
storming in from the east
and he’ll find you,
shaking every leaf.
A reckless, wild wind
lifting feather-lite hems,
flinging petals,
uprooting stems,
swaying hearts, and
rattling bones.

A man in motion
emerges in a fury
and just as swiftly
blows. on. through.

from the wind shaped cypress
I take my cue.
A persistent little tree
who’s lovely lithe limbs
stretch out to meet the breeze.
A base of strength
that turns
and gracefully twists
in all directions
the wind. may. shift.

There’s a cold front coming
blowing in from the east;
when he comes for you darling,
show him every leaf.

author: rashael_crystal
photo source: SurviveBetweenWinds