Grace & the Ephemeral Embrace

Grace & the Ephemeral Embrace

“Keep your feet on the ground my child”
“Impossible”, I say. “I live in the stars.”

Midnight dips in the milky way
bathing in ancient light.
I’ve felt Draco’s fire,
I’ve loosened Orion’s belt.

I can’t know its significance,
its measure or its weight.
Yet atoms split
particles crash and a
universe expands nonetheless.

“Be cautious with your heart my child”
“impossible”, I say. “I wear them on my sleeve.”

A believer. A mystic –
in the oldest form of alchemy.
Rudimentary chemistry and
paradigm shift.

I can’t know its significance,
its measure or its weight
yet electrons vibrate,
elements attract, and
matter is shaped.

“Keep yourself guarded my child.”
“impossible”, I say, “to ever be prepared.”

A moment is upon us
then gone in a breath.
That ephemeral embrace
leaves its mark, nonetheless.

I can’t know its significance
its measure or its weight
Call it chance, or call it fate
either way –
I stretch to brush the skirts of grace.

author: Rashael Crystal
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